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Evaliese Newborn Pictures

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    There are some things in life that remind you that you are getting older. I, for one, do not feel old enough to be a great-aunt, however I now have become one three times over! Our extended family’s newest little addition is the beautiful Evaliese. We did her newborn pictures at my photography studio in Springville when she was only a week old.

    Since I haven’t done many newborn photos in the last couple of years, I asked my good friend Marina of Marina Russell Photography to come and help me and she was more than happy to come. Working together, we were able to get Evaliese swaddled, snuggled, and happy.

Her nursery colors are coral and navy, so we wanted her to stand out in a coral wrap on the navy background.


While she was very happy wrapped up and on her back, trying to lay her on her tummy was a different story. We pulled out a beautiful lace jumper and tried to gently place her on her stomach. While we waited very patiently and went very slow, she was not wanting tummy time and became a little fussy. We decided to try a different pose.

As we discussed a different newborn setup to do, Marina mentioned that she had some blue flowers in her car. While Evaliese got some extra snuggles, I went to Marina’s car and brought in the flowers. We pulled them apart and placed them all around Evaliese. The pictures turned out so beautiful! The sweet little week-old girl even cracked a small smile.

Going along with her nursery colors, we wrapped her in navy to match the backdrop and beautiful blue flowers that had been placed around her.

Not only did we get some adorable newborn pictures, Evaliese was able to be a model for a boutique I photograph for, Think Pink Bows Boutique. Aren't these hats, blankets, sacks, and dresses so cute! You can find them HERE.

While being a great aunt does make me feel old, I sure love all of my adorable little ones! Welcome to the world, Evaliese!

Shoot and Share Photography Contest

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Every year in February, my favorite photography event comes to pass. Shoot and Share is a month-long contest where photographers can enter up to 50 images and then everyone comes together to vote. Anyone can vote, not just photographers. In fact, I voted with my children quite often and they loved it. There are 12 rounds of voting, and after each round more images are cut until they have the winners. After the contest is over you can see how your images placed. They give out badges for the top 30% of images in each category and below.

This is my second year participating. I’m glad to say that I did better than last year, even with stiffer competition and more photos entered! In 2017, a total of 330,116 images were entered from photographers around the world. This year, the count came to 412,379! I had 9 images in the top 30% or better in their respective categories in 2017, including one finalist image (top 500 in the category). In 2018 I had 14 images in the top 30%, and once again one finalist image.

You can see my images below!


Top 30% 2017:


Top 30% 2018:


Top 20% 2017:


Top 20% 2018:


Top 10% 2017:


Top 10% 2018:


And finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! *drum roll*


Finalist 2017


Finalist 2018


I can’t wait to enter again next year and see how my images do! Voting is so fun, addicting, and inspiring! I recommend everyone give it a go next February. You can check out more on the contest here:

Blog: 5 Tips to Rock your Engagement Photos

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You’ve met the man of your dreams, and your wedding day is going to be here soon! It is time to announce your big day and invite all of your favorite people to come celebrate with you! You want these engagement pictures to look amazing, so here’s a few things that can help your photos look fantastic.

1. Find a Photographer that You Love

Be sure to do your research and look for someone who has a great portfolio, and a style that you love. These are pictures that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Use that same photographer for your engagements, bridal/first look, and wedding. You will be able to get to know each other, and it will help everything go extra smoothly on the wedding day, which is a huge stress reliever. These images will hang on your walls for years to come, and you can show them to your children and grandchildren. I remember my sister and I looking at a photo of my mother in her wedding dress and dreaming about what we will look like on our wedding day. Even now my daughter sees pictures of me in my wedding dress and says I look like a princess.

Be diligent in finding the best photographer for you. You’ll be glad you did.

2. Plan the Location

Do you have special connections for a location to snap your photos? It is great to discuss possible locations with your photographer, but think about places you also love to go. Perhaps you will have somewhere the photographer hasn’t heard of, or special connections through family or friends to a location that will make your images unique. Maybe there is a park where you and your sweetheart always ate ice cream together, or that special beach where he proposed. These images are a representation of you two together and can be made extra special when you use a location that is important to you.

3. Plan your Outfits

Now that you know the location, be sure you don’t pick outfits with colors that will blend in with your background. Is it a lush green field surrounded by trees? Wear pastel or neutral colors that will stand out from the green and make you the center of attention. Grey airplane hangar? Wear colors that will pop out from the neutrals.

Also, be aware of the areas of your body that make you self conscious. I personally don’t like my upper arms. To hide this, it is best to wear 3/4 sleeves or long sleeves, though 3/4 tend to be more flattering to the female figure. Heels are also a great option and make you look taller and more slim.

Men, you also have some great things you can wear. Layering is a fantastic idea. A nice sport coat looks great over almost any shirt from dressing up a t-shirt to a nice button up. Don’t forget about your shoes and socks. Wear your dress shoes and make sure you have matching tall socks in case you sit on the ground or move around. It is rough to show up to a location with your beautiful fiancé dressed to a T, and you have your handsome outfit on only to be ruined by worn tennis shoes.

4. What are your Images Going to be Used for?

Many of these images are printed to decorate for the reception, or used for announcements. However, if you want to be sure to have a lot of empty space for text, be sure to tell your photographer. Are your invitations going to be horizontal or vertical? Are you going to print all of the text on a separate card and include a printed image? These are very important details. While your photographer will be taking a variety of shots, knowing you want a vertical image with a lot of empty space at the top will help them get that WOW image for your invitations.

5. Forget About the Photographer

I don’t mean leave the photographer at home. I want you to focus on your adorable partner as you have your pictures taken. Forget the photographer is there, tell jokes to one another, kiss, stare deeply into one another’s eyes. This will bring out your love and emotion, and help tell the story of your love through your images.

I hope these tips will help you to get some great engagement shots. Book one of our Wedding Packages to receive our full Engagement Session Guide.

Baby Macy's Newborn Pictures

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I knew Ginelle in junior high and high school, though she was a couple years younger than I. I even danced with one of her brothers in my social dance class. Soon after I graduated, her sister and my brother were married. That was almost nine years ago. Now, after all of these years, I had the opportunity to photograph Ginelle’s family and little newborn Macy.

It has been nearly two years since I last did a newborn photoshoot as I have been busy with my wedding photography, and so I was so excited to do this for Ginelle and Zach. Macy is their first child, and oh my goodness, is she cute.


We snapped a few family pictures with everyone snuggling together. Then we did some with Mom and Dad. Ginelle just glows when she holds her newborn. And just look at what a proud dad Zach is.


After family pictures, we turned the full focus on our newborn star, Macy.


This tiny beauty wanted to see what was going on and was so alert for her photo session. She loved to wiggle and look all around the photography studio. In fact, I tried to call her a little ‘wiggle worm’ and I accidentally said ‘wiggle bum’ so that was her nickname for the rest of the session. She did her best to be sure she deserved the ‘wiggle bum’ name. She managed to get out of almost all of her wraps and blankets while I was photographing her.


Her nursery is pink so we wanted to be sure to get some “pretty in pink” images to go in her room.

And of course, I had to capture her small newborn features.

Even though I haven’t done newborn pictures for some time, it felt great to be able to photograph such a sweet little baby again. Congrats on your new little ‘wiggle bum’, Ginelle and Zach!

Springtime Blossoms at the Utah State Capitol

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The time for blossoms is almost here again! With that in mind, I wanted to re-visit my very favorite session from last spring. I can’t wait for the blossoms to come back this year. If you want blossom pictures, book quick because they are only around for a week and I’m already almost full!

During the Springtime in Utah, the apple blossoms come out to say ‘hi’! I heard many photographers talking about how amazing the blossoms at the State Capital were. I contacted a good friend and fantastic designer, J Noelle Designs, to see if she’d like to collaborate on a photoshoot. We brought together a lot of wonderful creatives, Callie Nybo of Callie Co Floral and Events, Ami Cakes, Lexi Locks Hair, Bebe Beauty by Lisa Freher, Under the Veil Hair Accessories, and a few additional photographers.

After putting this entire shoot together in less than a week, I woke up that morning sicker than I had been in recent memory. I was so dizzy I couldn’t stand, I could barely move without waves of nausea, and my head felt like it was going to explode. My husband came home from work and I took some cold medicine and went straight to bed to sleep the whole day in hopes that I would feel good enough for my large photoshoot that I had brought all of these creatives together for. Lucky for me, my sister was also photographing and offered to drive me up. I pulled myself together and made the trip.

When putting together a photoshoot, it is always more difficult to find male models. However, we were able to call on Josh who is always amazing. I always love when he comes on my photoshoots, and ladies, he’s single!

It was on this photoshoot that I met the amazing model, Sydnie (@_sydie_) who I have had the pleasure to photograph many times since. I even got to photograph her wedding as second photographer to my sister, Nicole Cook, this past January.

As my sister, Nicole, and I were brainstorming for other models, we both thought about my cousin Maddie. Boy, she knocked it out of the park! With her being my cousin, I could help but feel a little protective. As she was posing with Josh, I instructed her to ‘look at him and laugh like you love him. But no kissing!’ to which she replied ‘Kendra, I’ve kissed boys before!’. I am not about to tempt the anger of her father, or older brother who is 3x my size.

We also were able to meet the adorable Mckenna. I loved how her bubbly personality came out in her pictures! She was up for anything I asked her to do, even if it was walking and swinging her dress as if she was having the time of her life. I’ve never had a model do that as well or as dedicated as she did!

I was so happy how this photo shoot turned out. Despite being planned in less than a week and me having to photograph it while feeling ill, it is definitely my favorite session I have done.

Bridal Photoshoot in Studio

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Business tends to slow down a little for Utah photographers when the weather gets cold outside. I love having my photography studio, Reverie Portrait Studio, in Springville because I have a warm, dry place for my clients to go. Another reason I love having my own photography studio is because I was able to plan Jessica's bridal photoshoot with my sister, Nicole, very quickly.

My cousin, Jessica, was coming up from St. George and we wanted to do a fun styled shoot with her. We spoke with our friends and fellow creatives to collaborate on a bridal photoshoot. @chaysingbeauty and @hair_by_mac85 did the amazing make-up and hair do. As they were doing hair and make-up in the studio, Nicole and I looked at the dress we had, and there was a small problem. We had a fantastic reception dress, but wanted another wedding gown that was gorgeous!

We left the girls getting ready at the studio and called Chad at Sweetheart Bridal. Chad spoke with us and helped us out immediately. We were able to choose an ah-mazing form- fitting beaded gown. We picked up our bouquet from Wright’s Floral Shop on Springville Main Street and we were ready to go!

We began our bridal pictures with a short reception dress. How fun is that? Then you can move and groove at your reception without having a cumbersome (albeit beautiful) dress.


After many playful shots in the short bridal dress, we put on this banging gown from Sweetheart Bridal.


It is so flattering, and the intricate beading sparkled as Jessica moved around the photo studio.


The train has appliques that look like falling leaves, which made the entire ensemble so elegant and perfect for this shoot.


Throughout the whole session, Jessica’s boyfriend Nick took some pictures behind the scenes and enjoyed watching the bridal session. He mentioned multiple times how beautiful Jessica looked. Yup, he’s a keeper!


When we finished, Jessica and Nick left to visit with some friends before coming back to my studio for a very special project. This project is quite involved so it isn’t ready yet, but keep an eye out for it because it is going to be amazing! I’ll give you one hint: The Greatest Showman.

Valentine's Mini Sessions 2018

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Love is in the air, and in my photography studio! Sign-ups for our adorable mini-sessions are now open! For the first time, we have multiple options for you to pick from to match your budget.

Sessions will be one day only! February 3rd from 10am - 12pm.

We have 3 packages to pick from:

     Package 1: 10 digital images, 3 accordion gift albums, 24 valentines, and a 20 minute photo appointment - $150

     Package 2: 6 digital images, 24 valentines, 10 minute photo appointment - $100

     Package 3: 3 digital images, 10 minute photo appointment - $60

We have girl's dresses and rompers that are available for you to use for your appointment if you wish, including this beautiful gown from Sew Trendy Accessories.

Some of our sessions also come with 24 valentines, or they can be ordered separately for $30 for a set of 24. Our a la carte prints begin at $35, canvases begin at $135, and albums $315. 


To book your appointment, email or send us a message HERE. Your appointment will be considered booked when you have signed a contract and paid a retainer fee of $25 that will go towards the total cost of your session.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, and happy Valentines Day :)

<3 Kendra

Dream Bridal Giveaway!

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Growing up, we dream of our big day and what it will look like. From that special kiss from our Prince Charming, to amazing decor, beautiful flowers, and of course, the perfect dress, we all plan on everything being magical and perfect. We at Kendra Leigh Photography and Video would like to help your dream come true!

Kendra Leigh Photography and Video is teaming up with Coley Cook Photography, Bebe Beauty by Lisa Frehner, and Jules Custom Flowers to give you a dream bridal/first look session!

You will receive a 1-hour photography and video session from Kendra Leigh Photography and Video and Coley Cook Photography, plus you will get 15 professionally edited images and a 2-minute professionally edited video. You will receive a beautiful bridal bouquet, and professional hair and make-up to bring out your most beautiful self.

The deadline to enter is on August 13, 2017 at 11:59pm. The winner will be announced on Instagram the following day. 


To Enter the Dream Bridal Giveaway:

Complete this questionnaire:


For an Additional Entry:

Follow all of our vendor's pages on Instagram (we will check), and leave a comment on our giveaway post that you have entered! 


To be eligible for this giveaway:

You must be available the evening of August 24, 2017 which is when the session will take place. 

Be available to have your hair and make-up done in Provo, Utah.

You must also not be under contract with any other photographer/videographer at the time of entry.

Winner must contact within 24 hours of the results being posted to claim their prize.

If you are found in violation of any of these rules you will automatically forfeit the giveaway and another winner will be chosen. 

If the winner chosen is unable to do the dream bridal session, another winner will be chosen from those who entered.


Good Luck!



This giveaway is in no way sponsored, associated with, or endorsed by either Instagram or Facebook.

Elizabeth + Tyler

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I am so happy for these two! After photographing and speaking with them for the past few months, I could see just how in love they are. They were meant for one another, and I can’t wait to see where this journey in life will take them!

Although it was a very sunny day at the Mount Timpanogos Temple, it was pretty chilly. Tyler, showing what an amazing husband he is, allowed Elizabeth to wear his suit coat as we were walking around the temple grounds. 

Their reception took place at Copper Creek Event Center in Springville, and it was full with family and friends who were there to celebrate with this amazing couple.

Bridal Formals in Mapleton

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Here in Utah, the weather gets pretty crazy. The day we had chosen to do this bridal session was a day for all 4 seasons. After storms all day and thunder and lightning an hour before we were supposed to start, we were nervous about what would happen. Suddenly, the sun came out and a beautiful evening commenced--aside from horrible high winds. We decided to go ahead with our appointment, but we altered our location plans to a mutual friend's home, where their ceremony would be taking place, in case the weather took a turn for the worse.

As Jordyn got ready inside, we kept Robert outside. His excitement clearly showing as the anticipation for the first look accumulated. Finally, it was time for him to see his bride. 

Now that the bride had finally be revealed, we continued taking formal portraits in the garden.

The weather was holding out, thankfully. But we were a little put out we weren't able to get our trees and nature background like we'd originally planned for. I recalled a field of long grass I saw as I was driving. We all jumped in our cars and set off, hoping it would work well for our images. It was amazing! 

Regardless of the crazy weather, we decided to stick it to the man and do our photo shoot anyway, and boy it turned out great. The rain really brought out all of the colors, and the wind added nice movement even while it created other obstacles. I can't wait for these two to be married next week!

Dirty Thirty Cake Smash

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Although today is April Fools Day, this is no joke. An amazing woman is turning the big 3-0! Nicole is my sister and associate photographer. Often going with me on my photo shoots as a second shooter or assistant. If you have had a session with me, it is likely you've met and can attest to her amazingness.

This brilliant lady has been my inspiration since I was born. I was always striving to be more like her. I even tried sports in High School to aspire to be as good as she was. However, my hand eye coordination, strength, dexterity, endurance, um so on and so forth isn't quite on point for sports. However, we were able to be on the track team together for one season which was fun. She taught me how to throw the javelin, discus, and shot-put. It was a good thing that by then we had started getting along. Two arguing sisters with pointy spears or heavy metal balls in their hands... well, it's a good thing we'd started getting along.

Of course for her amazing 30th birthday we had to do something EXTRA special, and here it is :) I haven't sent her any previews, answered any of her pleas to have her pictures edited by her birthday, or even really spoken to her about them because I wanted them to be a birthday surprise. I hope she loves them, I sure do. She is so beautiful.

The day begins with having make up done by the amazing Anjanae Campbell. 

Then scores of beautiful pictures commence!

One fun thing about shooting another photographer (even more when she is your sister) is that you can bounce ideas off of one another and try some fun things. As far as we go, if there's a window, you've got to stand in it. I love the cool silhouette it created. Nicole has also wanted to see this one to see how it turned out, I can still be the annoying younger sister withholding her pictures, if only to make her birthday extra special ;)

Blog Images-06.jpg

This location was so amazing. It is a studio in Payson called The Photo Shop. I could shoot there all day! There are many different rooms, and it has a vintage look that is hard to find.

We also had a couple of amazing floral crowns from Callie Co Floral and Events.

After we completed the 'pretty' pictures, it was time for the real fun to begin. Bring out the fluffy tutus, cake, and fizzy drinks! Its party time!

Neither me nor my sister are very good at the 'model look' that others are so great at. We tend to look like sad puppies, or like we were daydreaming in middle school math class and got called on by the teacher. In attempt to get over this hurdle, I gave her an incentive, "Look at me like I'm chewing gum really loud." Then I made the noise. This is how she looks at you if you chew too loudly. She will find you, and she will kill you. Okay, maybe not kill, but she bites. Don't chew loudly by her. 

Happy birthday Coleybabe! You are the greatest sister and associate photographer a girl could as for!

<3 Me

High School Senior Model Call

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     Because the senior photos your school takes are--let’s face it--pretty horrible, getting professional senior photos captures your life as a senior to treasure and enjoy forever. 

     Kendra Leigh Photography and Video is conducting a Senior Photos Model Call. We’re searching for 3 high school Senior Reps: 2 girls and 1 boy. We are looking for outgoing, fun-loving high school Seniors graduating in 2017 or 2018 who are comfortable in front of the camera. You do not have to be a professional model.

Please come and be pampered with professional hair styling, professional makeup, and awesome outfits (a flowing custom-made gown by a top notch designer or a sharp suit) to create the photoshoot of your dreams.

     To participate, there is a $250 session fee that you will receive back as a gift certificate to go toward digitals, prints, albums, etc. You will also have the opportunity to earn gift cards and even receive an iPad Mini! This session will take place March 18, 2017. You must be available that day to be considered.


     If you feel like you are a great fit and would like to participate, please email us with your best memory from your Senior year, or what you are most looking forward to in your upcoming Senior year if you are a Junior, along with a snapshot of yourself (selfies are okay.) We will then send you a questionnaire that must be completely filled out by MARCH 7, 2017 AT MIDNIGHT to be considered for this project. Please email us at Do not message us via FB or Instagram.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Glitter Session Video

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There is currently an amazing Glitter Session webinar on Facebook from Photographer Rising which I watched and felt so inspired! A fellow photographer, LeeAnn Fulton of Image So Sweet Photography also watched, and asked me to come and film the glitter sessions she was going to do! I was so happy to say yes!

We had the funnest time working together to create this video and capture the images of these adorable girls. They had fun blowing, spinning in, rolling in, and giggling while the glitter was sprinkled all around them. It was like they had been transported to their own magical world!

And yes, I know what you're thinking, and it is true. I am still finding glitter around my house.

Studio Meet Up

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This past weekend Elizabeth Cooper Studio had an open house at their natural light studio for photographers to come try it out, and photograph some beautiful models, dresses, flowers, and more! It was so much fun to go try out a new space and meet fellow creatives. Plus, check out these pictures! I can't wait to go back! <3

Be sure to check out these venders who provided and styled this beautiful photoshoot! @muylymillerco @opal.artistryslc @saltandflora @piescakeshop @elizabethcooperdesign @eightzeroone_salon @oddsandendsrental

Tamra and Cameron

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I was so happy for my cousin Tamra when she told me she was engaged, and even more excited when she asked me to do pictures and video for her wedding! My awesomely talented sister Nicole Cook was the photographer, and I was the videographer. The video should be up soon, but I put it on hold because I was obsessed with editing these gorgeous images!

Tamra was so beautiful and Cameron was very... talkative... haha. Okay okay, he was also remarkably handsome ;) Their day was wonderful, and the reception was the most fun one I've been to! The DJ was amazing (Russ Powell, he doesn't disappoint) and got everyone up dancing the night away.

Tamra and Cameron also had a photo booth at the reception for the guests to take pictures. Of course Nicole and I couln't resist adding a film strip to their guest book that they'll never forget. Even if they want to ;)

Cake Smash Collaboration

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I was running errands one the morning when my sister tagged me on a FB post of someone looking for a last minute videographer for a collaboration. I contacted for more information and talked to the adorable Taynee Miller (Taynee Miller Photography) and discovered the original video person had the flu ;( Yuck. Taynee had organized a collaboration of a cake smash session of her little boy with many different people and was really hoping to find another video person. I just so happened to take my camera with me that day and told her I could do it. My sister graciously agreed to watch my littles for a couple hours as well.

When I got to the location (The Brick Room at Big Door in Provo) I was able to meet some of the other collaborators. Tressa Roberts (Sage and Thistle Events) was the master mind behind the adorable staging and props. Also, Kristen Batt of My Sweet Fancy Cakes was the creator of the delectable cake this little man got to enjoy and destroy :)

I was so glad I got to meet these amazing women! Check them out on FB or Instagram to see more of their awesome work!

IG: @kl_photography_and_video FB: Kendra Leigh Photography and Video

IG: @Tayneemillerphotography FB: Taynee Miller Photography

IG: @brickroomprovo FB: The Brick Room

IG: @saveandthistleevents FB: Sage and Thistle Events

IG: @mysweetfancycakes FB: My Sweet Fancy Cakes



Carson's 18 Month Pictures

children, Mini Session, Outdoor Photography, PhotographyKendra Hill

I can't believe my kids are getting so big! We wanted to take Carson's pictures before it got too cold, and I had a very limited time before my grandpa plowed up his corn fields. We rushed down, but after spending the time getting the kids ready and everything together, we only had maybe 15 minutes of light left when we got there, and Carson was NOT very excited about picture taking. Thankfully, he co-operated enough that I got a few great shots :)