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Welcome to Kendra Leigh Photography and Video!

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Welcome one and all to Kendra Leigh Photography and Video! About a year and a half ago I began my photography and video business under a name I created in college for a film editing class, Cut it Out Media. That was a very clever name for a film editor, as that is the point of video editing, but not the greatest name for a photography business. I am now starting a new journey and am changing up a lot of things, including the name.

Now that I have built up my portfolio and have gotten more experience, I have decided to push my business further and delve into the world of Full Service Photography. This will be better for me and my family, as well as my customers. I will not do the usual 'set an appointment time and location, then hand over pictures' process. Instead, I plan to do much more, hence 'Full Service' Photography. 

I will have a consultation with you before our appointment so we can design your photoshoot to be exactly what you want, as well as sending you our Welcome Guide that includes what-to-wear, tips, and your session information. I am no longer limiting my appointments to an hour, but am open to photographing longer to be sure we get the special images you want to portray your family and children. After your session is complete, I will come to your home where we will have yummy treats and premier your edited photographs with a custom slideshow. Afterwards, I will help you create special designs for your home with prints, canvases, or other high quality products.

Before I offered products, I spoke with many customers who were unimpressed by the quality of department store prints, or who never had their images printed at all. I don't want my customers to spend hard earned money on a photographer just to let their images sit on a disk, or be erased by a crashed hard drive. I want to provide something much more meaningful that will increase in value as time continues. As much as we wish it, our little ones don't stay little long. I want to ensure that your beautiful family is preserved long after USB drives and CDs are obsolete. 

I have personally known many people who have lost family members. To these people, pictures are among the most important thing to them. Other stuff is just things, but photographs and videos are captured memories that cannot be taken from. This is true even for those of us who have had the blessing of continuing on with all of our loved ones around us.

I'm sorry for ranting, but I wanted to let you all know how important this is to me. I don't want anyone to look back and regret not getting pictures of their little baby covered in cake, or capturing their silly smiles as they would roll in the grass, or wish they had more to document the life of their senior as they go off to college or on an LDS mission. I also would hate for you to lose images if your computer doesn't turn on one day, or if you don't have a disk drive to load your images onto it (which is happening now, computers are beginning to be made without disk drives!). These are some of the few reasons I feel passionate about providing you with great images, videos, AND products. 

I will stop my rant now :) But, if you wish to learn more about this, or why I changed my business to Full Service Photography, feel free to look around my new website, send me an email/text, or even call! 

Love you all!

Kendra Leigh