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One of the Best and Worst Things about Having a Creative Mind

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I am a very creative person. That being said, my mind tends to jump from thing to thing before something gets completed. Particularly mundane things (cleaning.... eeeeeehhh). My house is a complete disaster, I will not lie. I have a to-do list longer than I am tall, but when creativity strikes, it strikes.

I have seen a lot of artistic photography lately showing up on my Facebook feed that is very different from what I normally do, so I decided I wanted to give it a try. I took my exploding to-do list and roughly shoved it under the bed and pretended it didn't exist so I could follow my creative urge. I grabbed two local models. Okay... I grabbed my children, and I took some images as they played in my daughter's room. By-the-way, it was also nap time, but that was on my to-do list that was crumpled under the bed.