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Tamra and Cameron

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I was so happy for my cousin Tamra when she told me she was engaged, and even more excited when she asked me to do pictures and video for her wedding! My awesomely talented sister Nicole Cook was the photographer, and I was the videographer. The video should be up soon, but I put it on hold because I was obsessed with editing these gorgeous images!

Tamra was so beautiful and Cameron was very... talkative... haha. Okay okay, he was also remarkably handsome ;) Their day was wonderful, and the reception was the most fun one I've been to! The DJ was amazing (Russ Powell, he doesn't disappoint) and got everyone up dancing the night away.

Tamra and Cameron also had a photo booth at the reception for the guests to take pictures. Of course Nicole and I couln't resist adding a film strip to their guest book that they'll never forget. Even if they want to ;)