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Overwatch Photoshoot

Photography, Outdoor Photography, Mini SessionKendra Hill

This photoshoot was a lot of fun! But super crazy for a variety of reasons....

Earlier that night a fellow photographer contacted me and said "Do you want to come?! We're leaving in an hour!" Sure! I love last minute things! (I really do, I kind of fly by the seat of my pants). I called up my sister and we thought the location would be perfect to get some pictures of her new Lena Oxton (Tracer) costume she just got for Salt Lake Comic Con. We threw everything in the car and drove! What we didn't realize was there was a little bit of a hike.... By the time we'd gotten there and gotten our equipment out and ready, we realized we had about a half mile to go. That's not too bad... when you're not carrying 50lbs of equipment and wearing flip flops (yes I was!). Most of it wasn't too hard, but there were some very rocky areas and some steep slippery spots. Our fellow photographer fell and bruised her poor bum. 

Anyway, by the time we finally got to the location, we had only a few minutes of light. We grabbed a few shots and within 10 minutes it was too dark to get great images, and we still needed to hike back carrying all of the equipment we didn't have time to use. 

Anyway, we made it back, and the pictures turned out great :D Though yes.... we lost a glove, somewhere. Oopsie.