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Evaliese Newborn Pictures

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    There are some things in life that remind you that you are getting older. I, for one, do not feel old enough to be a great-aunt, however I now have become one three times over! Our extended family’s newest little addition is the beautiful Evaliese. We did her newborn pictures at my photography studio in Springville when she was only a week old.

    Since I haven’t done many newborn photos in the last couple of years, I asked my good friend Marina of Marina Russell Photography to come and help me and she was more than happy to come. Working together, we were able to get Evaliese swaddled, snuggled, and happy.

Her nursery colors are coral and navy, so we wanted her to stand out in a coral wrap on the navy background.


While she was very happy wrapped up and on her back, trying to lay her on her tummy was a different story. We pulled out a beautiful lace jumper and tried to gently place her on her stomach. While we waited very patiently and went very slow, she was not wanting tummy time and became a little fussy. We decided to try a different pose.

As we discussed a different newborn setup to do, Marina mentioned that she had some blue flowers in her car. While Evaliese got some extra snuggles, I went to Marina’s car and brought in the flowers. We pulled them apart and placed them all around Evaliese. The pictures turned out so beautiful! The sweet little week-old girl even cracked a small smile.

Going along with her nursery colors, we wrapped her in navy to match the backdrop and beautiful blue flowers that had been placed around her.

Not only did we get some adorable newborn pictures, Evaliese was able to be a model for a boutique I photograph for, Think Pink Bows Boutique. Aren't these hats, blankets, sacks, and dresses so cute! You can find them HERE.

While being a great aunt does make me feel old, I sure love all of my adorable little ones! Welcome to the world, Evaliese!