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Dirty Thirty Cake Smash

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Although today is April Fools Day, this is no joke. An amazing woman is turning the big 3-0! Nicole is my sister and associate photographer. Often going with me on my photo shoots as a second shooter or assistant. If you have had a session with me, it is likely you've met and can attest to her amazingness.

This brilliant lady has been my inspiration since I was born. I was always striving to be more like her. I even tried sports in High School to aspire to be as good as she was. However, my hand eye coordination, strength, dexterity, endurance, um so on and so forth isn't quite on point for sports. However, we were able to be on the track team together for one season which was fun. She taught me how to throw the javelin, discus, and shot-put. It was a good thing that by then we had started getting along. Two arguing sisters with pointy spears or heavy metal balls in their hands... well, it's a good thing we'd started getting along.

Of course for her amazing 30th birthday we had to do something EXTRA special, and here it is :) I haven't sent her any previews, answered any of her pleas to have her pictures edited by her birthday, or even really spoken to her about them because I wanted them to be a birthday surprise. I hope she loves them, I sure do. She is so beautiful.

The day begins with having make up done by the amazing Anjanae Campbell. 

Then scores of beautiful pictures commence!

One fun thing about shooting another photographer (even more when she is your sister) is that you can bounce ideas off of one another and try some fun things. As far as we go, if there's a window, you've got to stand in it. I love the cool silhouette it created. Nicole has also wanted to see this one to see how it turned out, I can still be the annoying younger sister withholding her pictures, if only to make her birthday extra special ;)

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This location was so amazing. It is a studio in Payson called The Photo Shop. I could shoot there all day! There are many different rooms, and it has a vintage look that is hard to find.

We also had a couple of amazing floral crowns from Callie Co Floral and Events.

After we completed the 'pretty' pictures, it was time for the real fun to begin. Bring out the fluffy tutus, cake, and fizzy drinks! Its party time!

Neither me nor my sister are very good at the 'model look' that others are so great at. We tend to look like sad puppies, or like we were daydreaming in middle school math class and got called on by the teacher. In attempt to get over this hurdle, I gave her an incentive, "Look at me like I'm chewing gum really loud." Then I made the noise. This is how she looks at you if you chew too loudly. She will find you, and she will kill you. Okay, maybe not kill, but she bites. Don't chew loudly by her. 

Happy birthday Coleybabe! You are the greatest sister and associate photographer a girl could as for!

<3 Me