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Vow Renewals at Sleepy Ridge Golf Course

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Seven years ago, these two were married, but didn’t have a photographer and therefore have very few photographs from their amazing day. For their seven-year anniversary, they wanted to be sure they had images they could hang in their living room and have forever. I was so honored when they called me to capture their love story.

They had their vow renewal at the beautiful Sleepy Ridge Golf Course. Before the ceremony took place, we were able to take some golf carts and drive all around the grounds to get some beautiful formal couple images. It was the first time I’d gotten to drive a golf cart and I was a little worried I would crash. (If anyone would, it would be me.) But I quickly got the hang of it.

Julia had lost her brother almost a year and a half ago and decided that she would love for him to ‘walk her down the aisle.’ She had a jean jacket that he had given to her before he passed away, and she wore that as she walked over red rose petals to her husband. I felt so honored to photograph this special experience.

After, it was a party. Everyone had a great time talking, laughing, dancing, and celebrating with this amazing couple.

We stayed a little late so we could get some fun sunset pictures, and some images with the beautiful Sleepy Ridge Lodge without the risk of being nailed by golf balls. I have a strict no black eyes on my subjects policy.