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Baby Macy's Newborn Pictures

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I knew Ginelle in junior high and high school, though she was a couple years younger than I. I even danced with one of her brothers in my social dance class. Soon after I graduated, her sister and my brother were married. That was almost nine years ago. Now, after all of these years, I had the opportunity to photograph Ginelle’s family and little newborn Macy.

It has been nearly two years since I last did a newborn photoshoot as I have been busy with my wedding photography, and so I was so excited to do this for Ginelle and Zach. Macy is their first child, and oh my goodness, is she cute.


We snapped a few family pictures with everyone snuggling together. Then we did some with Mom and Dad. Ginelle just glows when she holds her newborn. And just look at what a proud dad Zach is.


After family pictures, we turned the full focus on our newborn star, Macy.


This tiny beauty wanted to see what was going on and was so alert for her photo session. She loved to wiggle and look all around the photography studio. In fact, I tried to call her a little ‘wiggle worm’ and I accidentally said ‘wiggle bum’ so that was her nickname for the rest of the session. She did her best to be sure she deserved the ‘wiggle bum’ name. She managed to get out of almost all of her wraps and blankets while I was photographing her.


Her nursery is pink so we wanted to be sure to get some “pretty in pink” images to go in her room.

And of course, I had to capture her small newborn features.

Even though I haven’t done newborn pictures for some time, it felt great to be able to photograph such a sweet little baby again. Congrats on your new little ‘wiggle bum’, Ginelle and Zach!