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Bridal Formals in Mapleton

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Here in Utah, the weather gets pretty crazy. The day we had chosen to do this bridal session was a day for all 4 seasons. After storms all day and thunder and lightning an hour before we were supposed to start, we were nervous about what would happen. Suddenly, the sun came out and a beautiful evening commenced--aside from horrible high winds. We decided to go ahead with our appointment, but we altered our location plans to a mutual friend's home, where their ceremony would be taking place, in case the weather took a turn for the worse.

As Jordyn got ready inside, we kept Robert outside. His excitement clearly showing as the anticipation for the first look accumulated. Finally, it was time for him to see his bride. 

Now that the bride had finally be revealed, we continued taking formal portraits in the garden.

The weather was holding out, thankfully. But we were a little put out we weren't able to get our trees and nature background like we'd originally planned for. I recalled a field of long grass I saw as I was driving. We all jumped in our cars and set off, hoping it would work well for our images. It was amazing! 

Regardless of the crazy weather, we decided to stick it to the man and do our photo shoot anyway, and boy it turned out great. The rain really brought out all of the colors, and the wind added nice movement even while it created other obstacles. I can't wait for these two to be married next week!