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Shoot and Share Photography Contest

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Every year in February, my favorite photography event comes to pass. Shoot and Share is a month-long contest where photographers can enter up to 50 images and then everyone comes together to vote. Anyone can vote, not just photographers. In fact, I voted with my children quite often and they loved it. There are 12 rounds of voting, and after each round more images are cut until they have the winners. After the contest is over you can see how your images placed. They give out badges for the top 30% of images in each category and below.

This is my second year participating. I’m glad to say that I did better than last year, even with stiffer competition and more photos entered! In 2017, a total of 330,116 images were entered from photographers around the world. This year, the count came to 412,379! I had 9 images in the top 30% or better in their respective categories in 2017, including one finalist image (top 500 in the category). In 2018 I had 14 images in the top 30%, and once again one finalist image.

You can see my images below!


Top 30% 2017:


Top 30% 2018:


Top 20% 2017:


Top 20% 2018:


Top 10% 2017:


Top 10% 2018:


And finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! *drum roll*


Finalist 2017


Finalist 2018


I can’t wait to enter again next year and see how my images do! Voting is so fun, addicting, and inspiring! I recommend everyone give it a go next February. You can check out more on the contest here: