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Springtime Blossoms at the Utah State Capitol

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The time for blossoms is almost here again! With that in mind, I wanted to re-visit my very favorite session from last spring. I can’t wait for the blossoms to come back this year. If you want blossom pictures, book quick because they are only around for a week and I’m already almost full!

During the Springtime in Utah, the apple blossoms come out to say ‘hi’! I heard many photographers talking about how amazing the blossoms at the State Capital were. I contacted a good friend and fantastic designer, J Noelle Designs, to see if she’d like to collaborate on a photoshoot. We brought together a lot of wonderful creatives, Callie Nybo of Callie Co Floral and Events, Ami Cakes, Lexi Locks Hair, Bebe Beauty by Lisa Freher, Under the Veil Hair Accessories, and a few additional photographers.

After putting this entire shoot together in less than a week, I woke up that morning sicker than I had been in recent memory. I was so dizzy I couldn’t stand, I could barely move without waves of nausea, and my head felt like it was going to explode. My husband came home from work and I took some cold medicine and went straight to bed to sleep the whole day in hopes that I would feel good enough for my large photoshoot that I had brought all of these creatives together for. Lucky for me, my sister was also photographing and offered to drive me up. I pulled myself together and made the trip.

When putting together a photoshoot, it is always more difficult to find male models. However, we were able to call on Josh who is always amazing. I always love when he comes on my photoshoots, and ladies, he’s single!

It was on this photoshoot that I met the amazing model, Sydnie (@_sydie_) who I have had the pleasure to photograph many times since. I even got to photograph her wedding as second photographer to my sister, Nicole Cook, this past January.

As my sister, Nicole, and I were brainstorming for other models, we both thought about my cousin Maddie. Boy, she knocked it out of the park! With her being my cousin, I could help but feel a little protective. As she was posing with Josh, I instructed her to ‘look at him and laugh like you love him. But no kissing!’ to which she replied ‘Kendra, I’ve kissed boys before!’. I am not about to tempt the anger of her father, or older brother who is 3x my size.

We also were able to meet the adorable Mckenna. I loved how her bubbly personality came out in her pictures! She was up for anything I asked her to do, even if it was walking and swinging her dress as if she was having the time of her life. I’ve never had a model do that as well or as dedicated as she did!

I was so happy how this photo shoot turned out. Despite being planned in less than a week and me having to photograph it while feeling ill, it is definitely my favorite session I have done.